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CEREC Same Day Smile Transformations

August 3, 2017

Woman with a beautiful smile after CEREC treatmentMany of our patients who experience severe dental damage or decay are disappointed to hear that they will need to schedule two or more appointments to complete their restoration or that the entire process can take weeks or even months. At Accent Family Dentistry, we offer patients an alternative – same day smile transformations with CEREC. The innovative CEREC system brings the quality and skill of an entire dental lab into our office. That means patients can come in with a damaged tooth and leave with a flawless smile on the same day. Contact us to find out more about dental restoration options using the CEREC system in our Angier dentistry practice.

CEREC VS Traditional Crowns

If you’ve ever received a dental crown, you know the process requires at least two appointments. During the initial visit, we prepare the tooth, capture impressions, and design the crown. Our dental lab uses the impressions to design the custom crown, and once we receive the restoration, you’ll come back to our office for placement. CEREC allows us to condense that entire treatment plan into one appointment. Some of the other benefits of CEREC over traditional dental restorations include:

  • No need to place and remove a temporary crown, which can cause additional damage in some cases
  • Able to create a more precise replica of natural tooth structure by making even the smallest changes right in our office
  • We use high quality dental ceramic that offers natural looking, long lasting restoration
  • Only one appointment means there’s less of a chance you’ll experience problems during your dental restoration process like temporaries falling out and decay occurring between a temporary

The CEREC Process

CEREC dental crowns are crafted and placed in much the same way as traditional dental restorations. The only difference is that CEREC crowns can be placed in just one appointment. We begin by preparing your tooth. Then, we use the CEREC digital impression tool to capture clear and precise impressions of your bite. These impressions are immediately transferred to the design system where we create your custom dental crown. Next, our in-office milling unit transforms a single block of dental-grade ceramic into a flawless dental crown. As the restoration is being crafted, you can relax and enjoy our patient amenities. Once complete, we’ll position the crown to ensure it perfectly fits into your smile line. We can make any adjustments as necessary, and then, we’ll place and cement your custom dental crown.

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