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CEREC® One-Visit Crowns

When decay or damage takes a toll on one of your teeth, you have two concerns: repairing the tooth while also maintaining the natural beauty of your smile. With CEREC one-visit crowns, Dr. Brenda Gong can accomplish both in just one visit to Accent Family Dentistry. CEREC is advanced technology that changes the way we think about restorative dentistry. Learn more about one-visit crowns from your trusted cosmetic dentist today. Our practice is located in Angier and serves patients from Fuquay Varina, Sanford, Selma, Benson, and the surrounding areas!

When You Need a Dental Crown

Also called a cap, a dental crown is a common restorative treatment with a number of applications. The thin, tooth-shaped covering is securely bonded directly over a tooth that has been reshaped to make room for the restoration.

Dr. Gong may recommend a crown in the following situations.

Dental crowns can be made of several materials, including all-porcelain/ceramic, porcelain fused-to-metal, zirconia, gold, and metal alloys. CEREC mills beautiful, sturdy crowns from a single piece of dental porcelain -- a wonderful solution for repairing or replacing a tooth in the smile zone, especially.

How CEREC One-Visit Crowns are Created

To understand how CEREC works, you first need to know about bit about the traditional method for creating a dental crown. It requires two visits to the dentist, with up to two weeks spent waiting in between. A temporary crown covers the prepared tooth in the time between appointments.

With the help of advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Gong can prepare, manufacture, and place your dental crown in just one visit to our state-of-the-art office. CEREC stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetic restorations -- because your highly esthetic crown is created right at your chairside. To create your crown in one appointment, Dr. Gong…

  1. Removes all decay from the affected tooth.
  2. Prepares the tooth by reshaping the enamel to accommodate the crown.
  3. Takes a digital image of your prepared tooth, which is sent to the design unit.
  4. Creates a 3D model of the tooth using the CAD/CAM
  5. Draws up the blueprint for your new crown using the 3D model.
  6. Sends the final plan to our onsite milling machine, which manufactures your crown from a single block of dental ceramic.
  7. Makes final adjustments to the prepared crown as needed to ensure it fits and feels just like it should.
  8. Securely cements the crown onto the prepared tooth.

Numerous Benefits of CEREC One-Visit Crowns

CEREC revolutionizes the process for a dental crown, allowing Accent Family Dentistry to offer crowns that are completed more quickly, conveniently, and effectively than ever before.

Perhaps the most notable benefit for you is the fact that the CEREC crown is finished and ready to go in less than half the time of a traditional dental crown. You will not have to use up your sick days or vacation time on unnecessary trips to the dentist’s office.

Same-day dentistry also eliminates the need for a temporary crown, which is likely to break, be uncomfortable, or stick out against the surrounding tooth enamel.

In all, the process for a one-visit crown takes just under two hours. That means you can come into Accent Family Dentistry, relax in our comfortable dental chair (with a little additional help from sedation dentistry, if you need it) and leave on the very same day with your newly restored, rejuvenated smile.

But it is not just the efficiency that makes CEREC the prefered alternative in most cases. After all, we would not want to trade long-lasting comfort for temporary convenience. The digital images used in CEREC technology aid in more advanced treatment planning for better results overall. Digital images are also captured more comfortably than traditional impressions, which cause many patients to gag. With CEREC’s small camera, Dr. Gong has the accurate, detailed information she needs to prepare a crown that looks and feels just the way it should.

One visit crowns are...

Maintaining Your New Crown

After your one-visit crown is completed, take proper care of your new restoration to ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

Brushing and flossing with your new crown is just as easy as before; simply make sure you spend a few extra moments cleaning around the gum line near your crown to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria, which cause tooth decay and gum disease. Floss gently around your crown to avoid pulling on the base.

If you play sports, invest in a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect your crown as well as the surrounding tooth enamel from excessive force and impact. People who grind their teeth at night (the condition known as bruxism) benefit from similar protection. Discuss the need for a custom-fitted mouthguard with Dr. Gong.

While CEREC crowns can stay healthy and strong for many years with proper maintenance, it is important to remember that no dental restoration will last forever. Dr. Gong will continue to check in on your existing dental work during regularly-scheduled appointments. Do not hesitate to let us know if you feel your crown becoming loose or uncomfortable.

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In addition to crafting beautiful ceramic dental crowns with CEREC, Dr. Gong can also use the one-visit technology to create dental bridges, inlays/onlays, and even porcelain veneers. Are you interested in how one-visit restorations can make your life easier? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss CEREC and your smile. Request an appointment for expert restorative dare with Dr. Gong today!