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Cosmetic Dentistry in Angier

Sadly, a healthy smile isn’t necessarily a happy one. Even patients who care for their oral health diligently can fall victim to frustrating flaws like dental discoloration, chips, gaps, misalignments, and more over time. At Accent Family Dentistry, our team believes that you deserve bright, beautiful teeth that you’ll feel proud to show off, and Dr. Brenda Gong will be happy to help you achieve them through personalized cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our practice is located in Angier and serves patients from Fuquay Varina, Sanford, Selma, Benson, and the surrounding areas! Patients from Fuquay Varina, NC and surrounding areas are encouraged to contact us today and schedule a consultation!

Porcelain Veneers

Many patients want to enjoy the benefits of a smile that’s been transformed for the better, but they don’t have the time and/or budget to pursue several cosmetic procedures all at once. Porcelain veneers help simplify this process considerably, improving your appearance in just a few, convenient appointments.

The procedure is simple: Dr. Gong will design thin, personalized shells of high-quality dental porcelain that closely resemble the look of your natural teeth. These restorations are then placed directly over certain teeth and cemented in place, hiding years of imperfections and minor flaws behind a brand-new look. Veneers can successfully treat gaps, severe dental stains, irregular dental structure, misaligned/crooked teeth, chips, worn enamel, and more – it’s really that easy!

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While porcelain veneers are a great cosmetic option for patients who want to make big changes to their smile fast, they are considered permanent in nature. Lumineers are available as an alternative that doesn’t require natural teeth to be altered as significantly, which means you can reverse your cosmetic procedure later on if you’d like while still being able to enjoy beautiful improvements in the present. Our team can discuss the potential benefits of both traditional veneers and Lumineers with you during your initial consultation at our office. 

Direct Bonding

Direct bonding is a good cosmetic option for patients who want to correct minor issues with certain teeth in a cost-effective fashion. Our team will use the same material that we craft tooth-colored fillings from (composite resin), adding an addition to your smile that Dr. Gong precisely sculpts and contours into place to create a seamless result. As long as the improvement is cared for properly with regular professional maintenance and oral hygiene at home, your bonding procedure can improve your appearance and self-confidence for several years.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become stained and/or discolored over time for a number of reasons, including diet, genetics, and even the use of certain medications. If you’re dissatisfied with the dull smile you see in the mirror, you don’t have to settle for it – Accent Family Dentistry offers teeth whitening options that can fit into any schedule. For busier patients, in-office teeth whitening that creates dramatic improvements fast may be preferred. Alternatively, flexible take-home kits are available that can be used in your home and on your own schedule, providing the same beautiful results over the span of a couple weeks. Dr. Gong can help you determine which option would fit you best during your initial consultation here in Angier, NC.