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Your Dentist in Angier Accepts Dental Insurance

Dr. Gong and her team not only take care of your smile, they give you a reason to smile. Your dentist in Angier provides outstanding oral health care and customer service that includes accepting dental insurance. We are in-network with several providers so you’ll be sure to receive the best treatment for the most reasonable fee. And, there’s no paperwork for you! We’ll be happy to file all of your claim forms so you are certain to receive the maximum allowable benefits for any covered procedure.

In-Network Dental Provider

Dr. Gong is an in-network provider with Delta Dental, Cigna, and United Concordia. Being in-network means that she has agreed to pre-negotiated fees. Therefore, once you have satisfied the deductible specific to your plan and paid the co-insurance percentage for a procedure, we cannot bill you further. You can even know before treatment what your out-of-pocket expense will be.

Delta Dental Dentist

Delta Dental offers a number of benefit plans that all have different features. These plans are:

Cigna Dentist

With Cigna, you’ll select one of three dental health plans:

United Concordia  DENTIST

With United Concordia, you’ll select one of three dental health plans:

Dental Insurance Terms

We encourage you to read and understand the details of the dental insurance plan that you select. Of course, understanding necessitates knowing a bit about the language in a dental insurance policy. Here is a basic glossary of common terms.

Deductible. Much like automobile insurance, dental insurance carries a deductible: the amount of money you need to pay for dental care before your benefits kick in and begin to cover the cost of treatment.

Maximum. Some dental insurance plans have a maximum and some do not. If yours does, then the maximum refers to the top dollar amount your plan will pay for dentistry within a set period of time—usually a calendar year. If you or a family member requires several different covered procedures, then we can work with you to straddle your appointments over two years so you don’t go over your maximum.

Coinsurance. This is the amount you pay for a covered procedure after you’ve satisfied your plan’s deductible. The total depends on the type of procedure you receive.

Dental Services from Your Dentist in Angier

Dr. Gong and her team are pleased to offer you and your family a comprehensive menu of dental services. Combining several procedures, we can create a treatment plan that is tailor-made for your smile.

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