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Single Tooth Implant – Angier, NC

Enjoy a Complete Smile with a Dental Implant

dental implantYour teeth directly influence how you feel about yourself. Nothing is more devastating to your self-esteem than losing a tooth. Now, you have several options to fill the empty space. Besides a traditional fixed bridge, Dr. Gong also offers dental implants in Angier. She takes the time to discuss your preferences and evaluates your oral health to choose the best treatment to restore a complete smile.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

dental implant abutmentMany people delay replacing a tooth because it’s only one. You will only have aesthetic concerns, right? Actually, there are serious issues brewing beneath the surface of your gum tissue that can cause long-term consequences for your dental health and your quality of life.

When you lose a tooth, the crown is not the only thing missing. You have also lost the root. As a result, your jawbone deteriorates because it is not stimulated in that area anymore. Over time, your adjacent teeth won’t have enough support to stay in place, so they drift toward the open space. This creates alignment problems that increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As more time passes, your teeth may eventually become loose and fall out.

As you lose more teeth, it will be difficult to maintain a balanced diet because many foods become too difficult to chew. Now, you may experience nutritional deficiencies that harm your general health. Your facial tissues will also lose support, making you look years older than your true age.

Your dentist in Angier, Dr. Gong can help preserve your smile by filling the empty space.

Benefits of a Dental Implant

model of dental implantReplacing the full tooth provides many advantages that aren’t possible using a fixed bridge, including:

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