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Teeth Whitening

It is natural for your teeth to darken over time, but Dr. Brenda Gong, your dentist in Angier, can erase the signs of age with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Completed either in our office or from the comfort of your home, teeth whitening rejuvenates the appearance of your teeth to help you enjoy a more confident, youthful, dazzling smile. Wondering how teeth whitening works, or whether it is really worth investing in a professional system? Let’s take a closer look at these and other important questions regarding the popular cosmetic treatment.

Why Do Teeth Darken With Age?

Many adults start to notice their smile has lost its luster in their late 20s or early 30s. Frequent exposure to dark foods and beverages -- think coffee, wine, and your favorite ripe berries -- takes a toll on the shade of your pearly whites. Certain medications, especially tetracycline, can cause your teeth to take on a darker gray cast.

Of course, there are also genetic factors at play. Some people are just born with naturally whiter teeth that others. Maybe you never enjoyed a truly radiant smile, or perhaps you’ve just begun to notice your teeth looking less than their best. Whatever the cause, professional teeth whitening can provide significant help.

Professional Teeth Whitening: In-Office or At-Home

At Accent Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer our patients in-office and at-home teeth whitening so you can brighten your smile at the pace you are most comfortable with.

In-office whitening is a wonderful option for people who prefer rapid results. In just one visit lasting approximately one hour, Dr. Gong erases tough stains both on the surface of and below your tooth enamel. In-office whitening brightens teeth by as much as six shades.

Patients who prefer a more gradual approach, or those who are especially prone to tooth sensitivity, may benefit more from a take-home treatment. Wearing custom-fitted trays and the professional-strength whitening gel every night for about two weeks reveals dramatic, long-lasting results.

Why Choose Professional Whitening?

With so many options available over the counter, is it really worth it to invest in a professional treatment? Without a doubt. Partnering with your dentist is the best way to enjoy safe teeth whitening that reveals the very best results.

Some of the key differences between a professional whitening job and one you can pick up at the grocery store include…

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Are you ready to flash a smile that reflects the real you? Then let’s start by erasing stains with  professional teeth whitening in Angier. Please get in touch with Accent Family Dentistry and request an appointment with Dr. Gong today!